In addition to deep radiofrequency capacitive hyperthermia, infrared total body hyperthermia is located.

The patient's body is uniformly heated until it reaches a temperature between 37.5 and 42 ° C, depending on the clinical condition; the penetration of heat reaches up to 4 cm of depth in the body.

4 ipertermia total body


This type of therapy does not replace but complementes deep capacitive hyperthermia and is a useful adjuvant in pathological conditions such as neoplastic (tumors), musculoskeletal system disorders (arthritis, arthritis, boris, tendinitis, inflammatory musculopathies), chronic infections, processes chronic inflammatories.


For further information, visit the Heckel Medizintechnik website, where you can also consult scientific documentation on the methodology


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It is possible to consult a list of scientific articles dedicated to total body hyperthermia by clicking on this link.

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