Scientific Documentation

cue ball Evaluation of the risk for exposure to electromagnetic fields: Oncological Hyperthermia 
cue ball The Lancet: Oncology 2010 
cue ball Medline: Ca 19-9 in the monitoring of colorectal cancer after surgery. 
cue ball Medline: Favorable toxicity profile of raltitrexed in elderly patients treated for colorectal cancer: a case series. 
cue ball Medline: The surgeon's decision as a prognostic factor in a pool of patients with colo-rectal cancer 
cue ball Medline: CMF with 5-FU in continuous infusion: a pilot study. 
cue ball Medline: Mitomycin C and etoposide in advanced colorectal carcinoma. A clinical and in vitro experience that focuses the problem ... 
cue ball Medline: Antiangiogenic metronomic chemotherapy and hyperthermia in the palliation of advanced cancer. 
cue ball Pubmed: Darbepoetin in the control of cancer-related anemia. 
cue ball Varesi: Perspectives of clinical oncology in general medicine. 
cue ball Medline: Regional hyperthermia in high-risk soft tissue sarcomas. 
cue ball Pubmed: Hyperthermia on immune regulation: at temperature's story. 
cue ball Pubmed: A two-state cell damage model under hyperthermic conditions: theory and in vitro experiments. 
cue ball Pubmed: Regional hyperthermia of the abdomen in conjunction with chemotherapy for peritoneal carcinomatosis: evaluation of two 
cue ball Oncological hyperthermia 
cue ball Hyperthermia Bibliography 
cue ball Heating the patient: a promising approach? J. van der Zee 
cue ball CNR oncology project 
cue ball International Congress On Hyperthermic Oncology 2008 
cue ball ESHO 2010 
cue ball ESHO 2009 
cue ball ESHO 2007 
cue ball List of treatable tumors ESHO 
cue ball ICHO Flyer 2008 
cue ball RF capacitive hyperthermia system: experimental results and thermal modeling 
cue ball The role of hyperthermia in the battle against cancer 
cue ball The Kadota Fund International Forum 2004
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