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Oncological hyperthermia is a therapy used in the treatment of tumors and in osteoarthromuscular pathologies as well as in disorders of the immune system.

Radiofrequency profound radiofrequency hyperthermia is used as an adjuvant to the classic oncological treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) for its additive synergistic effect and as a specific therapy for its healing effects.
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A radiofrequency at 13.56 Mhz is delivered in depth through an apparatus that has two antennae emitting on the body district of the patient to be treated.
The heat delivered in depth for one hour obtains different effects; the tumor cells possess an altered membrane and are heated to a temperature between 42 and 43 ° C and are induced to apoptosis (programmed cell death).
It is also observed a strengthening of the locoregional immunity, a greater influx of chemotherapeutics in the body district where it is needed and a synergy with the cytotoxic effects of ionizing radiations (radiotherapy). Last but not least, a local painkilling effect is obtained.



Deep capacitive oncological hyperthermia can be used for all solid neoplasms and the only contraindications are the presence of devices for stimulation and regulation of the heartbeat (pacemakers and defibrillators) as well as ascitic (abdominal) or massive pleural effusion (which in some cases , could be drained in order to perform the therapy).

Oncological hyperthermia is painless and non-invasive, has no side effects and is repeatable.



International guidelines have shown that cancer cells, as well as they can acquire resistance to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can produce heat shock proteins that defend the DNA of the diseased cell by resisting it. For this reason hyperthermia is not performed every day but with cadences that limit the onset of this phenomenon.



Neoplastic diseases that can be treated with oncological hyperthermia:

Surface tumors

• Melanomas / Epitheliomas / cutaneous metastases / Lymph nodes / superficial relapses

Deep tumors

• Sarcomas / Lung / Pleura / Pancreas / Pelvis / Liver / Bones / Colon / Kidney / Stomach / Bladder / Brain / Pharynx / Head - Neck / Larynx / Prostate / Maxillofacial / Jawbone / Cheeks / Female genital organs / Genital organs male


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